2018 Welcome Back to White Fences

Barisone Dressage had a good show at Welcome Back To White Fences  this weekend. Elizabeth Albright rode Judith Cardella’s "Fancy Fey RS" to a very successful debut at third level, while Cassandra DeFranco and her own “Endeavor" also ranked high in third level. It's so good to see this pair back out there!  

Justin Hardin started Nicole Cardella’s “Flirtini” at fourth level and won their class!  Ashley Strickland had a super showingin her second-ever PSG, earning her USDF Silver Medal! 

White Fences is always such a nice show, and we love that it's right in our back yard. Thank you to Adam Pollock and all the staff at the White Fences Equestrian Center and thank you also to Lisa Marie Bishop for the gorgeous photos!